Professional Development Event – ICE Challenge Review

The ICE Center at Villanova stands for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.  It is a unique branch of work that I am proud to say my school delves in to.  Most other schools do not have such a program.  We arrived and the staff of the ICE Center eagerly waited to hear what ideas Villanova students have to offer.

Recently, I attended the ICE Challenge for Villanova Business and Engineering students.  It occurred on Wednesday, November 19th at 6:00 PM.  I went, along with my team, to hear interesting entrepreneurial ideas from my peers and to present our idea.

My group and I were just happy to be involved in such a great program.  We had to practice our elevator pitch over and over through our path to get to that final step.  Our original task was to pitch our idea to our Business Dynamics class.  We got our ideas together and presented to our peers in our class.  We then heard five other groups reveal their ideas to us.  The class then took an anonymous vote on who had the most promising idea.  Our professor tallied the votes and our team, SocialPedia, was the winning team.

Our idea was an app that solves the problem of retrieving contact information from a friend in one fell-swoop.   When you receive one’s phone number, it would be linked to their social media so you can follow such person on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Vine.

We then waited anxiously for a few weeks until the final stage of the ICE Program.  It was in Driscoll Hall, Villanova’s Nursing building.  We all dressed up in our business casual outfits and arrived at 5:30.  We listened to the many pitches and heard interesting ideas that would benefit all types of markets and peoples.  Eventually, it was our turn and we gave our 90 second elevator pitch.  We sat down, saw more pitches and soon after, the pitches were all over.

After the pitches, there was a networking even outside the auditorium while the staff spoke to figure out the results.  There was food and many peers to talk about to talk about our ideas.  We spoke to many other groups to talk about what we liked about each other’s ideas.

Finally, the staff came up with the results and revealed the winners to us students.  We found out the winning teams, who all had incredibly practical and intelligent products or applications.

My favorite idea which was one of the winning team’s ideas was the idea of a backpack that had an umbrella that could pop out with the push of a button.  I would definitely invest in that!

It was great to hear all of my peer’s ideas and to pick their brains for a few minutes during the networking event.  I am grateful that our group had the opportunity to compete in such a great event!

Please view the ICE Center website to get involved in this wonderful program:


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